VestaCP for VPS 9 – tick!

After a little refresher took the bullet and installed VestaCP.  I navigated to the VestaCP site and then used VestaCP’s installer script to generate a custom script for the Panel:

As with my previous installations I opted for the following minimal configuration:

Web:  nginx-apache
FTP: None
Mail: None
DNS: Named
Firewall:  iptables + fail2ban
Additional Repository: Remi
File System Quota: No

Installation was fast and flawless.  Setup of VestaCP was equally simple.  No problems with phpmyadmin – so far.

Checked DNS with DNS Inspect and no issues.

Next step is to install WordPress – think I’m going to do that from the command line.  Last time it was much faster and flawless than FileZilla.