Reverse DNS?

I love it when I’m learning lessons and seems as though VPS 9 is teaching me some.  First lesson to learn was about reverse DNS.  Mostly VPS owners need to have reverse DNS for e-mail accounts as some of the e-mail hosts like AOL won’t accept e-mails that come from a source without reverse DNS.  When I checked my VPS 9 Panel I noticed I didn’t have any reverse DNS.  I immediately started to wonder why this was the case and whether I would need it for anything other than having e-mail accounts?

So Hidden Refuge a retired Admin from answered my question in usual expert detail:

In order to offer the ability to set your own reverse DNS entry for IP addresses of your VPS(s) the hosting provide has to host and maintain their own set of special DNS servers that are meant to manage rDNS records for their IPs through their RIR.

For this to be possible they actually need to have the ability to combine the DNS servers with their IP space in their RIR account to update records. And for some this is simply impossible because they lease/rent IPs with hosting service from data centers.

So they can’t provide the feature simply because it is too much hassle and work usually or they lack the ability on their backend due to limitations from instances above them. And therefore they usually offer free rDNS record updates via support tickets with a valid reason.

rDNS is really only important for e-mail servers. Otherwise you don’t really need it. Atleast I’ve never seen anything else requiring rDNS records to be properly setup. It can be fun if the provider allows to set up bogus rDNS records like “” or anything else crazy you can imagine. I don’t see any “potentional issues”.

Source: – Hidden Refuge

I followed the suggestion with asking for reverse DNS and the speed with getting it was unbelievable!  At least if I should decide to opt for e-mail accounts I’ll be ready and able to do so.