VestaCP Duplicator Miracle!

My experience with VestaCP during the installation on VPS 9 was awesome!  Looks as though VestaCP has made improvements to the installation script helping to overcome my previous hurdles of installing WordPress and transporting WordPress Websites with the WP Duplicator Plugin.  It also fixed phpMyAdmin as previously I had great difficulty to get it going.  There had been all kinds of steps to follow to make phpMyAdmin work including a script that had been put together by one of the Admin at the VestaCP Forum.  None of it was necessary this time round.  PhpMyAdmin worked perfect, in fact in my opinion better than cPanel, as at least one can log in and log out of phpMyAdmin, which makes it safer for me.

Second major hurdle was the installation of WordPress. Previously the Duplicator Plugin wouldn’t work with VestaCP as VestaCP didn’t have the right PHP Zip Module installed, nor the right PHP settings for the Plugin to work.  I then thought just for the fluke to try WP Duplicator Plugin anyway by uploading the Install and Backup zipped files.  Expectation was that when I executed the install.php file that it would come with an error page, and was totally blown away when it came up with the installation page.  Took less than 5 minutes for my previous WP site to be up and running.  Now that put me over the moon!  I will now be able to load all of my other WordPress sites as add on sites effortlessly.  Thank you VestaCP!  Thank you Duplicator Plugin!