Tribute to is a high-standard post to host Forum and an excellent source of learning for anything to do with VPSs.  I joined FreeVPS in February 2016 and my learning curve about the availability of free, cheap and value VPSs, the specs to look for, management and security of VPSs has been in a straight upwards vertical line, thanks to some amazing members, admin and staff of the Forum who are super generous to share their experiences with everyone in the community.

The FreeVPS is a favourite Forum of mine and a wonderful home for anything to do and learn about VPSs.

What I particularly value is how impeccable FreeVPS is organized for the giving of free VPSs.  Members with a minimum of 30 posts and 50 score are able to compete on the 15th of each month.  Those with better scores obviously stand a better chance for the higher spec VPSs, but all VPSs are generally of high standard as they are managed on behalf of the sponsors by admin who know their stuff.  What I like about this system is that everyone competes on equal merit on the basis of a special formula (score) that is calculated from their post points and reputation, reflecting their level of contribution to the Forum.  There is also a bit of luck involved; depending on who is competing for any given month your higher score members may have their eyes on one particular VPS, whereas in another month they may have other things on their minds.

Arrangements regarding the VPSs are super quality.  Like we have expert volunteer Admin who manage the free VPSs with the greatest of care, dedication and expertise.  I’d like to express a special appreciation to the Admin of FreeVPS for trusting me with VPS 16.  So far I’ve had a brilliant experience with it, notwithstanding the far distance from my ISP.  Speed is amazing and response to everything I do seamless and fast.