About this Blog

This blog pays homage to all of those who helped to make this VPS possible, in particular the admin and staff of FreeVPS.us as well as our sponsor GalaxyHostPlus.com.

GalaxyhostPlus is a great supporter of FreeVPS.us.  Since I joined FreeVPS.us in February 2016, I was completely blown away by the sponsor’s active participation in the forum and attention to the management of the VPSs.  I am much indebted to “JanuszC”, the CEO  of GalaxyHostPlus for contributing VPS27 to FreeVPS from August 2016 to August 2017.  I had great fun with it for the year it was on loan to FreeVPS.  I’m also grateful to GalaxyHostPlus for VPS 9 which was given to me during the September 2017 GiveAway after VPS 27 had been withdrawn.  Although VPS 9 doesn’t come with the same KVM Virtualization as VPS 27, the VPS 9 specs are enormous, and the speed easily comparable with that of VPS 27.

This blog describes my experiences with VPS27 and VPS 9, as well as pays tribute to all of the helping hands along the way.