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The VPS on which is hosted is from  I discovered HostUS when I was posting for a VPS at and it’s a favourite provider for me. What I like about it is its excellent support, fast speed, knows how to create great VPSs.

HostUS used to be a sponsor of a number of excellent spec VPSs at until came to an end on 31 May 2018.

I’ve had numerous free and paid VPSs with HostUS from 2016 to date.  During 2016 and 2017 I had VPS 16 from that was a very high spec VPS.  All of the free VPSs had a location in the US, which was quite far from where I am, however still provided good average speed and latency.

If you check this link you’ll notice HostUS has a long list of locations – you can try them out for speed.  My ISP performs best with the London Location, and I was very lucky to get the location with a paid VPS in January.  My paid HostUS VPS is the lowest cost in its range, however speed and performance are excellent.  Equivalent to a high spec VPS.

Every VPS Includes: