A myBB 403 Forbidden OOPS!

Last night I was struggling to fix my cable, however had to give up trying so eventually as it turned out that the decoding machine was no longer functional.  In the process I missed a whole night’s sleep and couldn’t catch up as had to wait the whole day for a technician to make his arrival.

So this afternoon when I went back to reloading myBB so as to resume my plugin struggles, was sufficiently zonked and tired to make a very stupid mistake.  When one uses the Softaculous installer there’s usually a scroll down menu with all of the domains on the VPS and one has to select the one one wants to use for the Forum.  I had been doing the installation too fast, and missed that, so that the myBB Forum then got installed on the same domain as this blog.  The myBB Forum worked perfectly, and took me a little while before I discovered the big error.  I was no longer able to access my blog as it came up with a 403 forbidden error.  Darn!

So still exhausted I tried to do little tweaks to sort this out.  Thankfully I was able to get into the Dashboard of my WordPress so could create an up to date backup of the Forum.  But for me the only solution eventually was to completely remove the domain and the contents of the files, then to reinstall the domain and reinstall WordPress from scratch.  I did this from the command line and not from Softaculous.  And it worked.  I had been worried that the removal of the primary domain would have killed my VestaCP Panel, but it didn’t make a dent.  It very smoothly and completely removed the domain, all of its DNS and the WordPress files.  It didn’t remove the Database.  It was very easy for me to reinstall the domain, fix the DNS and to import the backup file I’d generated a little earlier on.  All is working as it should now, at least I learned how to do this if something like this should happen again.

Am ready to start working on myBB again.  Hopefully this time round I’ll be a little more careful and can show better results!