Happy Owner of VPS 16!

So tonight took ownership of VPS 16 and the experience was awesome right from the moment of changing the password through to installing VestaCP and my blog.  I knew I was getting a good VPS, as not only am I a HostUS fan, but the specs of VPS 16 are super:

Disk Size: 75 GB
Monthly Traffic: 2 TB
Memory: 2 GB & 2 GB vSwap
IP Addresses: Up to 3x IPv4 & IPv6 (on request)
Virtualization: OpenVZ
Location: Pennsylvania
Control Panel: None (Support by FreeVPS Admin)
Connection: 1 Gbit/s

When I entered the Giveaway Competition, I had asked for Dallas location.  I had tried HostUS’s default US location Charlotte before when I subscribed to a small VPS from HostUS in November last year, with not so good experience.  Speed was irregular in huge peaks and valleys to the point of not being able to work with the VPS at times. But then luck happened when after a double disk failure of the Server my VPS was on, I was able to request a HostUS location change to London, after which the speed had been consistently fantastic. Am very happy presently with my subscribed VPS.

Tonight was a very interesting experience for me as although I had asked for a Dallas location (VPS 16 is limited to US locations), I received a Pennsylvania IP.  That was a great surprise as Pennsylvania is not listed in the US locations.  When I tested it however I found that the speed was greatly improved from that of the Dallas location relative to my ISP, so I seemed to have lucked out in a major way.  This is the result of the speed test tonight:

Performance while I was installing VestaCP and WordPress was above average fast.  HostUS genuinely makes great VPSs.  Am very happy with my VPS 16!