DirectAdminLessons – tick!

Installation of went even faster than Followed the steps I had recorded with WPGems at the link below:

WPGems Steps for Setting up and Migrating an Archived WordPress Site

Everything was effortless in setting the site up.  I found more content in it this time round and won’t add much to it.  Perhaps just edit some of the pages.  Wonder however whether I’ll ever use DirectAdmin Panel again.  Total different and interesting experience when I read through my posts again.  Although DirectAdmin is a few hundred miles behind cPanel and WHM in terms of bells and whistles, in my opinion it is safer.  It’s very difficult to DDOS or attack a login as DirectAdmin just spontaneously shuts down.  With no ability to access the Server.  My preference however is cPanel of course, particularly with Softaculous.

We’re going strong.  #3 add-on WP site to follow –  Wonder what I’ll find in the site as I haven’t accessed it in ages.