Nameservers with NameSilo!

Most of my domains are with NameCheap.  When I subscribed to my latest VPS with HostUS, I had to select an unused domain from my long list of domains and found one that I purchased from NameSilo as an experiment a few years ago.  I’d been renewing it since then, and cancelled the hosting account that I’d been using it for so it was available for use.  NameSilo is set up a little different than Namecheap so updating the Custom Name Servers was a different experience.  I had to figure out how to fix the custom name servers for the new VPS.

Took a few seconds and found the NameSilo experience actually much simpler and much more user-friendly than with NameCheap.  One just has to get the hang of getting the domain sorted out in Manage Domain – then when in the Manage Domain Window – just click on the domain link and it opens up the list of custom name servers.  Next I was able to edit all of the name servers and add my new VPS IP for the three Name Servers that had been there.  Neat!  NameSilo allows one to create more than one Custom Name Server with the same IP.  Mission accomplished!

Am now in the process of waiting for the Name Servers to propagate – and should be able to work with it shortly.  I’m planning to create a free Vesta Control Panel for my new VPS with HostUS and there’s an idea forming in my mind of blogging the Giveaways at FreeVPS.