GHP Witdraws Sponsorship

Received shocking news last night.  After all of my hard work migrating all of my HostUS Websites to my VPS 9 the previous day FreeVPS announced last night that VPS 9 was withdrawing its sponsorship.  The notice period is only five days!

I’m hoping that I may keep my VPS 9 on a subscription basis and am presently in touch with the owner and CEO JanuszC.  Let’s hope that works out as my Plan A.

My HostUS VPS also puzzled me.  The main Website on it was giving problems two days ago with being dead.  Then after an investigation of an hour or more I thought my Website was down or something had happened to the name servers as I was still able to access my HostUS control panel.  I had been planning to move the Websites to my VPS 9 anyway as VPS 9 was much more consistent in its speed and performance.  So for me the Website being down was a sign to transfer all of the HostUS Websites to VPS 9.  Following which I cancelled the HostUS VPS.

Then last night heard the shock announcement at FreeVPS about VPS 9 coming to an end on 20 January 2018.  I certainly didn’t see that coming.  Next I received an e-mail from HostUS that what had happened when my Website was down was a failure of the server disks and that this resulted in data loss.  My VPS had evaporated and HostUS would be recreating it.

So Plan A is going to try and keep my VPS 9 if possible and practical.  If it’s going to be too expensive, or if it needs to be recreated, I’ll have to let go of it.  Plan B will be a combination of getting a cheaper paid VPS with HostUS but with the Dallas location as the Charlotte one speed wise was fluctuating too much with huge peaks and valleys.  Regardless, I’m planning to compete in this month’s FreeVPS Giveaway.  Plan C is to only go for the free VPS at FreeVPS with no subscription.  I’m also thinking of redistributing my Websites – like instead of having 8 Websites in one VPS, to circulate them among my shared hosting sites.  One of the lessons I learned was not to have too many eggs in one basket.

Fortunately all of my Websites are always 100% backed up so the meltdown of HostUS VPS didn’t create a data loss for me.  By the time the news came all of the Websites had been migrated to VPS 9.  I use the All in One WP Migration tool and once changes have been made to a Website I always make a new back up.  But one still needs to change the name servers and I’ll have to start VestaCP from scratch with domains and Databases and recreate the WordPress sites.