Farewell VPS 9!

So tonight discovered that I’m no longer an owner of VPS 9.  Not sure at what point it had happened, but when I checked my Control Panel VPS 9 was offline.  I had some great experiences with VPS 9 so it was almost like losing a great friend.  However, life goes on I expect, and the wonderful experience with VPS 16 tonight more than compensated for the loss.

Although VPS 9 was strategically better situated relative to my ISP, somehow VPS 16 speed in performance was almost equal.  I didn’t notice a difference, except of course of the lack of a control panel, but so far I haven’t felt the need for a control panel with VPS 16.

Wishing Janusz everything of the best with GalaxyHostPlus and a great thank you for a wonderful experience with VPS 27 in 2016 and VPS 9 in 2017/2018.