Launch of my spiffy new VPS

I was like a kid with a new toy when I was given the news that my application for VPS27 was accepted.  I felt immensely proud to have that nice banner in my Forum Account that says I’m a “VPS Owner”.  That was awesome!

So far I’m really happy with VPS 27.  I love the control panel.  Was easy to change the root password, also easy to reboot the VPS, which I found necessary to do while I was struggling with the reconfiguration of phpmyadmin for VestaCP.  I notice there is also a “rebuild” button, so maybe one is able to reload the OS.  Hopefully I won’t need to do that any time soon.

Obvious choice for a panel was of course VestaCP.  I’d installed it a couple of weeks ago on another VPS, and found it a really great panel to have.  It’s not 100% user-friendly, particularly when it gets to the configuration of phpmyadmin, but it is very lightweight and fast.  It obviously took much quicker for me to load it this time since I’d done it previously, but I still had some challenges with phpmyadmin.  After some tweaks and reloading the VestaCP script for fixing the phpmyadmin a couple of times it finally got sorted out and I was able to start this WordPress site.

Again, DNS with VestaCP was effortless.  I had done the same as with, which was to create my own domain servers at Namecheap.  Namecheap allows one to create two name servers from one IP.  And then to use those with VestaCP.  I didn’t have a single issue with the DNS.  Only issue was with the configuration of phpmyadmin.

Once I was up and running I spent a few hours finessing a WordPress theme.  I had first copied my twenty/thirteen child theme, but somehow it just didn’t look right for this blog, and finally settled on WEN Associate.

For now this VPS will be focused on my VPS 27 blog, until I have completed the review that is due in mid-September.  After that I’m hoping to add on domains.  Haven’t done that with VestaCP yet, so lots more learning to do, all of which I’m very much looking forward to.