WordPress speed on VPS 27

Thought I’d post a quick note about my general experience with working with WordPress on my new VPS 27.  It’s very fast.  If I compare it with my other experiences such as Siteground for example.  Hopefully by mid-September I’ll know something about bench marking.  I’m a bit of a novice with that, but for an experienced user of WordPress, I’d say VPS 27 is doing very well.  For example, there is no real wait for the Admin Login Window to come up, and the Dashboard appears almost immediately. Plugins and themes are updated in seconds.  There is nothing holding the Dashboard back when I’m working in it.

The difference becomes even more noticeable when I get back to a WordPress installation on a shared hosting account and have to wait patiently for plugins and themes to be updated.

So far so good!


PS:  Just discovered this WordPress Benchmark Test that I’d like to try out for the Review: