VPS 27 Akamaras Test

Found the Akamaras Benchmark link command enclosed with Hidden Refuge’s Bench-sh-2.  Very easy to do.  Now I know what swap I have.  Wow!  These are impressive specs.  What an awesome VPS I have.

Think I’ve overcome my apprehension about benchmarks. It’s very easy to do, yet I still need to figure out what it means and what to compare it with.

wget http://akamaras.com/bench.sh
sh bench.sh

CPU model :    Intel Xeon E312xx (Sandy Bridge)
Number of cores : 1
CPU frequency : 3499.996 MHz
Total amount of ram : 996 MB
Total amount of swap : 1023 MB
System uptime :   2 days, 5:07,
Download speed : (80.7MB/s)
I/O speed : 56.4MB/s