VPS 27 Add on Domain and Website under 20 minutes!

I’m totally blown away with how fast VPS 27 is.  Comparison:  last night I spent hours working with a shared hosting DirectAdmin WordPress account.  The FTP through FileZilla was at snail’s pace.  Tonight with VPS 27 it was like driving a Porsche.  Brilliant and fast!  Felt completely secure in the driving.  VPS 27 IS very fast.

Tonight’s experiment consisted of adding a new domain to my VPS 27 VestaCP as well as creating a new WordPress Website.  I thought it would take at least an hour or more, but including copying a WordPress site to the new domain it took under 20 minutes to do.  Earlier on this morning I had purchased a cheap domain at Namecheap wondering how VestaCP DNS would work out for the add on domain.  When I added it tonight, it worked instantly.  DNS was flawless. Phpmyadmin worked perfect.  I created a new database, imported a database into phpmyadmin – immediate success and speed was unbelievable (particularly compared with last night’s slow experience with DirectAdmin phpmyadmin)!

Next I uploaded a fresh installation of WordPress, as well as the themes, plugins and uploads of the WordPress site I was copying.  I did that with FileZilla and the speed of those uploads took my breath away.  Then changed the configuration file, and everything worked exactly as it should.  VestaCP came out champs.  MUCH faster than DirectAdmin.  MUCH easier. MUCH less complicated.  Like the combo of VPS 27 and VestaCP makes for an awesome fast and smooth experience.