Termination of VPS 27

So very sad news for me.  The owner of VPS 27 has indicated he will be discontinuing VPS 27 from end of August 2017.  This means I’ll be without a VPS, but more importantly without VPS 27.  I really loved this VPS.  Right location and right specs for me.

Currently this Website is running on a Frihost.com server shared hosting account, courtesy of Bondings, the owner of the server.  Will keep some of the core websites running at the same server.  Server comes with state of the art cpanel.  Coincidentally, the Frihost server is almost in the exact same location as VPS 27 was.  Same speed.  IPs are very close as well.

Moving the contents of the server was fairly easy.  Except something strange happened.  I’m used to my domains falling under public_html.  But in this case cpanel insisted that it should be outside.  Initially I moved it into public_html, but it didn’t want to resolve.  Then when I reinstalled the add on domain and allowed it to be outside public_html it worked.  Very strange.

At any rate I have emptied my VPS 27 by reloading the OS.  It will be no longer in existence by the end of August.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find a suitable replacement with same location.