New Beginnings – VPS 9!

So great news for me yesterday (19/09/17).  Better said excellent news!  During’s September Giveaway there were some super high spec VPSs to compete for, and I managed to get VPS 9.  VPS 9 has a huge plus for me as its IP is from Germany.  For some or other reason my ISP deals better with IPs from Germany than France, where the two other high spec VPSs were located.  With its added specs the speed of my new VPS 9 without KVM feels almost equal to my VPS 27 with KVM.  It also comes from GalaxyHostPlus, which made me doubly happy.  The host is more than expertly looked after by an active sponsor at, JanuszC.

The VPS 9 specs are huge.  Probably more than what I need, but I’m planning to publish a number of Websites on it.  Disk Size is 100 GB (compared with 50 GB of VPS 27).  Memory is 3 GB & 6 GB vSwap (VPS 27 was 1 GB).  Traffic is double in size.  Both have the same connection speed, 1 Gbit/s.

Now for the fun part.  Setting up VestaCP from scratch again and loading all of my Websites.

VPS 9 Specs

Disk Size: 100 GB HDD
Monthly Traffic: 2 TB
Memory: 3 GB & 6 GB vSwap
IP Addresses: 1x IPv4 & /80 IPv6
Virtualization: OpenVZ
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Control Panel: SolusVM
Connection: 1 Gbit/s
Provided by: GalaxyHostPlus
Terms: ToS
Special Requirements*: Backlinks to and required.
Additional Restrictions: No public/open proxies, VPNs or tunnels allowed! Game server policy applies!