3 New Add On Domains – tick!

Tonight successfully added three add on domains to VestaCP without a problem.  DNS propagated almost immediately.  I recreated an old domain at dot.tk and found it still available – for free.  After updating all of the name servers at the Registrars decided to wait 24 hours for the DNS to fully propagate Web wide before I import the Websites.  Am planning tomorrow to install WP the same as with dhsites.  Create new WP sites on the command line and use Duplicator and WPClone to transport the sites from my desktop archives.  Will be fun to do.  It will be my first try with WPClone and not so sure that will work out.  I couldn’t use Duplicator to back my VPSLessons.net site up at ServerLux (ServerLux expired earlier this year) as Duplicator couldn’t work with its cPanel.  Plan B is to start the site completely from scratch.  Will be fun to do.  Everything now is just good ol’ fun, all of the big things like VPS, VestaPanel and modus operandi were effortless and chugging along just nicely.  The rest is playing – just the way I like it.  Thank you FreeVPS!  Thank you GalaxyHostPlus!  Thank you VestaCP!  Thank you WordPress!

Sites are:




Watch this space for further developments.  Find FileZilla working well and where I previously was considering buying a license from VestaCP for an add on File Manager decided to drop the idea.  Am happy with the tools I have.  Ecstatic with my VPS.

Some music to accompany today’s five minute efforts.  Am convinced Bach would have approved of the person who improvised this master piece of his!